Haranatai: The Awakening Begins Prologue

I found myself in a dungeon. Not one that adventurers love to explore, but one you would find prisoners & criminals in. The kind of dungeon you would never find my kind in. The wall my arms were chained to was roughly dug, and half frozen water droplets dripped from cracks in the stone above my head. It was poor workmanship at best, and half-done at that.

I almost felt bad for the poor fools when I noticed that instead of the iron of my people; there was but thick brass chains wrapped around my limbs. Till I realized that in front of the boulder that acted as the seal on my prison; there was a young man guarding my way out.

He must have felt my look on him, for he then spoke. “Don’t even think about it Danavas” He spat on the dirt floor, “they have a troop of men outside standing guard, as well as me, and you won’t be fed if I’m dead.”

I pulled lightly at the chains and sat up to get a better look at him. His voice sounded even, in defiance of the fact that he was hugging his knees and shivering, but let’s say the shivering was from the cold. I pitied the man. He was admittedly young. He had long dark hair and rich caramel skin, and still his eyes shined green in the darkness. He would have stood out amongst the fairer northern thugs that passed as warriors among their people.

“So I’m to suppose you’re either a brave warrior or a disposable pawn. They must be naïve either way”

He leaned back, closer toward freedom with a soft audible thump. His eyes wide bringing more light to his face. He wasn’t bad looking I surmised, and his eyes were something else entirely; my easy way out.

I grinned, all teeth.” You are one of my kind, a Nagahis” I paused to bend open the locks on my chains. “And I’m awakening you.”


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