Chapter Two: A different point of Veiw

When I first saw them I thought the army had brought back slaves, but there was only one. This puzzled me, it was only until the shear amount of chains he was dragging came into view that I realized that the original mission was a success, and the army had captured a Danavas just like the warriors bragged while I served them the slosh cook called dinner.

He looked young at a distance even younger than me. His features were still delicate like that of a boy. His face still round, eyes large, and arms slender. It was no wonder the beast could easily spy our caravans and forts; he could have easily passed as a shepherd boy, a beggar, or a son on his first adventure.

Not to mention, that his fair skin was a near match to our people. His hair was brown, but that was one of the few traits our peoples shared.

Once the army’s march grew closer I could see the differences. He was not what he seemed at a distance, but then I imagine he had nothing to hide of his true nature now that he was chained.

His hair shined deep crimson in the sunlight as if aflame, and his eyes glowed an unsettling blue, the very color of the endless sky. The very same colors the army banners flew. It felt so unsettling seeing those eyes. I felt as if they saw right through me. It made me shiver. I had to move back through the crowd gathering and head back to the kitchens.

At the very least, I knew they wouldn’t bring the beast there.

Little did I know that the commander planned on using a kitchen boy like cheese in a trap. Thinking that my death screams would be good warning for the beasts escape.


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