Chapter three: Name exchange

Author’s notes:  Sorry this is what you get for now. I’ll edit it later….much later. dialogue is just so much easier for me @.@”

it reminds me of my roleplaying chatroom days/shot


I felt really warm and comfortable. Nothing like the painful days I had been enduring. It wasn’t  the scorching fire that I’d feverishly suffer from every other night. No it felt kind, like it recognized  me, it was sorry, for it was also me, but they or he had been trapped and had been fighting  to reach me. It had been just as painful for him. But now we were us. And I was soothed as if I was in a warm embrace. …


I opened my heavy eyelids to see a two glimmering sky  blue eyes in front of mine.




“Well that was a cute noise”


The Dan-No the Nagahis he practically purred as threaded his fingers through my hair. And I felt my face heat up from not only being teased but from remembering What my “Key” was. The fact that He was still holding me in his embrace did not help either.


I tried to escape his grasp,but he just held me a little tighter. I was stronger now, but he was still stronger.


“I suppose us Nagahis do infact ‘Peep’ as chicks afterall~”


“What are you? … Oh… can you let go me now?”


“Mmm don’t want to~”


“P-please? ….Master? Nagahis Sir?”


“Pfft, Okay! Also you don’t have to call me master. Although that does have a nice ring to it. Should I have you call me that after all?”


“No! Pleeease No! Gods No!” (D:<)  (>:T)


“Wow! You sure are lively now that you’ve awakened~ My names Azura, just Azura~ As members of a long-lived group with very little people we have no need of last names.”


“H-hello Sir. Azura, My name is—”

He presses a finger to my lips.


“I already know your old Name, but don’t you think you need a new one now? For you new life? I’m sure you can think of a better name than that. Not that it’s a bad name for a normal man, but not for a Nagahis.

Don’t you think?”


He had a point. Although I could do without him making excuses to touch my face. He wasn’t so touchy feely till he searched my mind for the “key”?

What the Hell did he find in there? (e.e|||)   


After some thought, I turned to the colour of the light in my mind and soul when I united with myself. It would match… with the names of the other members too. Plus it will remind me of my roots…

“How does Acchai sound?”


“Perfect! I like it, it suits you”


“I’m not sure if I want to trust your judgement about that…”


“Well too late~ that’s what I’m going to be calling you my apprentice from now and forever after~”


I somewhat still feel like getting eaten is a possibility…


*Wanted Partner in Crime* (not literally)

It takes me foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to write and edit my own work.

I’d love to find someone who wants to write, but needs an ideafactory (me)

I want to start so many stories maybe actually start the old ones  I’m literally the story teller type where I can blab on and on about a story, but can’t seem to write it down.

(At least my younger cousins are never board when I’m around…)

I really hate this weakness of mine. I CAN write, but it’s painfully slow… because I have to translate it into good enough literature.

Anybody interested please comment. Maybe we could try a thing? I have tons of story ideas. Although some most  need a filter before going into writing we could try out a short story?

I don’t mind if it’s temp and we do only one story together either way it’d be a thing to try.