*Wanted Partner in Crime* (not literally)

It takes me foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to write and edit my own work.

I’d love to find someone who wants to write, but needs an ideafactory (me)

I want to start so many stories maybe actually start the old ones  I’m literally the story teller type where I can blab on and on about a story, but can’t seem to write it down.

(At least my younger cousins are never board when I’m around…)

I really hate this weakness of mine. I CAN write, but it’s painfully slow… because I have to translate it into good enough literature.

Anybody interested please comment. Maybe we could try a thing? I have tons of story ideas. Although some most  need a filter before going into writing we could try out a short story?

I don’t mind if it’s temp and we do only one story together either way it’d be a thing to try.


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