Haranatai Info Page

Haranatai Summery: When the world was much younger then it is now and magic was in the air; A mysterious “beast” and “disposable” Young man meet in the depths of a Northern Warlord’s drafty dungeon. The so-called “beast” sees that the young man is not all that he seems, forgets their hunger, and decides to awaken the young man in exchange for a way out.

TBR-> To be released

Prologue: The Awakening Begins – 00

Chapter One: Eggs for lunch – 01

Chapter Two: A different point of Veiw – 02

Chapter Three: Name exchange – 03

chapter four: An Escape and then some – 04 (TBD) ( pushed to 4 was 3)




-WARNING- Sorta Spoilers ahead.



Key words: Dragons, Dungeons, Genderbender, Romance, History, Magic, shapeshifting



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